Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Puking Up The Body of Christ, A Graduation and a Day Trip...

Well, it's been awhile! We've been busy, busy. I never seem to have the time to devote to sitting down and putting a blog post together anymore. I've decided to bite the bullet today. (Canada Day so we don't have tons to do).

School has officially ended for all the kids. Last Wednesday, at Massimo and Gabby's school, they had their final Mass of the year - they attend Catholic school. As you may recall.. Mass has a "problem" with eating the wafer that is supposed to represent the body of Christ. He's hidden it in his pocket, chewed it and spit it into a kleenex etc to avoid injecting it. I guess his teacher was watching him last week and noticed him trying to just receive a blessing instead of accepting communion. He was forced to eat it. He puked it up. The Priest had to scoop up the Jesus puke and dispose of him in a dignified manner.
I'm sorry. I laughed.
The teacher has assured me that his teacher next fall will receive a full disclosure of his "problem".
Never a dull moment with the Mass-Man around. ;)

Tony had his high school graduation on Thursday night. I was feeling bad because when Joe graduated, we had tons of great pictures. (this year I was running around.. picking up Gabs from a party and then delivering her to her baseball game *where she performed a triple play!)
An hour and a half into the TWO AND A HALF HOUR ceremony, this was the only picture that I had.
Tony accepting an award- (200 dollars from a law firm!).  Somehow, I couldn't get my crap together enough to take a picture of him getting his diploma handed to him...

After the grad we took a few pictures. Here he is with one of his favourite teachers...

And with Big Daddy Seb...

Here is a picture of him and a couple of friends , Jeff and Bikram.
I actually have a picture of Tony and Jeff on my front lawn 14 years ago, getting ready for their first day of J-Kindergarten. If I could find it.. that would have been awesome to include.

Anyhow.. we are very proud of Tony. Not only did he win that award (something about being "Most Deserving") he also graduated an Ontario Scholar and received a partial scholarship to the University he is going to attend. Not too shabby for something that sprang from my less than scholarly loins!

So anyhoo....
We went on our first official day trip of the summer yesterday. We decided to go over to Sainte-Marie Among The Hurons. 
This is a recreated settlement that was founded by French Jesuites in 1639. I think that it only lasted about 10 years before the village was attacked and burned down.
Here is some of the original stonework that was excavated in 1941.

The blacksmith! He was a cutie but didn't seem to know very much about life in 16whateves...
So anyhow... I said that I had started this on Canada Day and it's now the DAY AFTER so... I'll just continue on I guess..

We went into the Chapel thingy (now someone has move my information sheet that I had so I don't know what in the hell I'm writing about!!!!!)

Seb went into confession and ....
Came out a Priest!!!
FEAR HIM all ye sinners!

Gabby did some writing with a quill (a duck feather in this case)

Apparently it's harder than it looks... (I wouldn't want to have to write anyone a long letter this way!)

The Priest's boudoir!
Some random crap... (no info sheet remember!!!)

I ordered some "Three Sister Soup" at the restaurant. It had beans, squash and corn. It was REALLY good!

Gabby found an ancient screwdriver thingy type... thing...
(it would be sooooo awesome to have THAT INFO SHEET!!!)

Now, I loved this building. It was where all of the meals were prepared. Apparently, the cook at the settlement had consumption! He slept right beside the big old fireplace so that he could sweat out his illness. Of course he died.
Blah!!! (he probably took a whole slew of people with him)

The young lady here had a great wealth of knowledge. She knew her stuff! I asked her a lot of questions, it was great.

Some views from the lookout tower (to look out for approaching visitors)

Some (gulp) skins and furs..
Gabby dressed up as a young native chick. (the native ladies didn't cover their boobies back in the day)
Some dead priests (that were later declared Saints... this is their actual grave)

(their names)
Mass and Gabby "in the hospital!"

The doctor's things...

Massimo took the camera to take a couple of pictures of the animals.. (you'll be able to tell it was Massimo's handywork in a second...

Mmmm  Hmmmm.....

We had a great time here! I was surprised at how much the kids enjoyed it all. I had not been there since I was in school. I recommend it to anyone!


Furtheron said...

Congratulations to Tony!!

Leann said...

Aww congrats to Tony - that's a wonderful accomplishment.

That looks like a great place to visit - love the hands on. We are never allowed to touch anything historical around here!

Enjoy your summer!


Angela said...

Thanks for sharing...that was so interesting...you can tell the kids enjoyed it...my goodness, two out of highschool girl....my oh my....look at us..lol..love ya

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...


Mass is a genius.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Three sisters soup? But Sister Sledge had FOUR sisters! What's going on here?

Congrats to Tony, and protip to Mass- maybe you can get the priest to consecrate cookies!

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