Friday, June 14, 2013

Let's Talk About Sex Baby.... Or Actually... Let's Not!

Well guess what time of the year it is again. (and these are not all of them)

Nowhere NEARLY all of them.

Anyhow.. when I'm not being run ragged by driving people here there and EVERYWHERE, I'm complaining about my shoulder. It's still very sore but Steve (physio guy), says that my mobility has improved so that is good news. However, I'm sleeping very little because it's so uncomfortable. Only a few hours a night which for me.. is not enough. I am exhausted. I have an appointment with my family Dr next Tuesday so I'm hoping he'll give me some hard core drugs to keep this pain at bay. I can't take the Motrin, Advil etc, etc anymore because I was getting the burning of the stomach. It was worse than the shoulder pain so.... :(

I got a bit of a surprise the other day when I picked up Gabby and Mass at school. Mass came up and started holding onto my arm ..he kept looking up at me.. then hugging me. Once we started walking he announced, "I know where babies come from!". Up until now he really hadn't asked much about it. I'm a big believer in just answering these types of questions as they come up and not giving out tons of information that may not be age appropriate. However.. I guess the school figured it was time he knew. I'm not sure exactly how much he knows because I didn't really feel like talking about it on the sidewalk but it seems he knows enough. Here is a snippet of the conversation...

Mass~ I know where babies come from.
Me~ Oh ya?
Mass~ It's not just YOU, you know Mum. Dad had something to do with it too.
Me~ Mmmm hmmm...
Mass~ Yeah. The man has something called a "smerm" and the Mummy has ... ummm.. ummm (he can't remember egg)... something else.
Me~ An egg?
Mass~ No. Something else.

I almost didn't correct him on "smerm" but then figured I probably should.

So, apparently the cats out of the bag at our house!

Tony and his date had their prom~

Aren't they just the cutest kids ever? (She was wearing about 3 inch heels here by the way-she is just a peanut!)

TRYING to fix his boutonnier! Those things should be outlawed!

Tony and his "crew"..

I'm so glad that he went. He is incredibly shy and I wasn't sure that he would. (he'd kill me if he knew I had shared pictures of him on here so .. shhhhhhh!)
Graduation is in less than 2 weeks. I can't believe he is done!

Before I go.. I just have to show you the candle holders I found at Goodwill a few weeks back. I've always wanted a Circle of Friends candle holder and I actually found 3 of them! One large and two small. I got all 3 for $11 which I thought was great!

Ciao for Niao everyone!


Furtheron said...

Love the candle holders my daughter would love them.

I remember giving my son "the talk" he was about 10 he had cracked a couple of gags that were inappropriate so the jokes had started but he clearly didn't know. So I sat him down at the computer with the human body cd-Rom (remember them!!) and told him. Jokes stopped but he told his friends and a couple of their Mums had a go at us! Honestly!

Glad the shoulder is on the mend hope you sleep better soon.

Eileen said...

Love the candle holder. I came across one like that when we were in Arizona, driving across country for one of our moves. Naturally, I had to have it because we didn't already have enough stuff to haul around. I still have it, too - it's out on the porch.
That's too funny about your conversation with your son. Another benefit to sticking with just dogs. lol
The prom photos are just lovely! They look so cute.
I hope your shoulder actually starts to get better soon!! Chronic pain is the worst.

Angela said...

Thanks so much for sharing..and I just finished telling Shaneah about smerm..LOL

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

It's true: Pets don't need the talk.

A walk to the vet, perhaps...

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Way to go, Mass! You handled the preliminary "talk" very well, I'm sure Seb and his older brothers will help out with the details.

Tony and his date make an adorable couple. Man, he towers over her!

Gorilla Bananas said...

Mass is THE MAN! I predict that in a couple of years time he'll be teaching you about eggs and sperm! Tony's date is as pretty as a picture.

Vee said...

Nice that the school took it upon themselves to share this info without informing parents first...not. Terrific prom photos! Hope that you get some relief for your shoulder. That's no fun.

Leann said...

Did they give you a shot of cortisone? I had one and it relieved it for awhile enough so that I could at least sleep. Then a few months later I was diagnosed with fibro and now I take tramadol and flexiril (muscle relaxer). but my hardened tendon still gives me some problems at times.

Love the story about the "talk" - it sure is hard to do isn't it? we always had our coversations in the car so we weren't facing each other.

Great shots of the kids - everyone looks so wonderful Ahhh youth:)


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