Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Graduation, Prom and a Budding Film Maker

Lot's going on around here.
As the school year is coming to a close, we find that our second oldest Tony, is graduating high school in a few short weeks.
Next week is his senior prom. I'm so glad that he is going. Tony is VERY shy and I was afraid that he wouldn't ask anyone-thus missing a wonderful opportunity. But yesterday when I picked him up he announced.."I'll need a (whatever colour, can't remember now), shirt and tie. I'm going to prom". I immediately got myself into a huge flap about corsages etc! He was sorry he told me.. I could see it in his face.

As well as being shy, he's very tight lipped. He told me the name of his date ( I looked her up in the yearbook when we got home-she's very cute!) but told me to keep my trap shut to Joe and Daddy. Of course when Seb got home I showed her picture to him. (Joe had already heard the news via text messages from friends).. Seb acted like he didn't know and kept bugging Tony to tell him her name. Tony kept saying "No!".. then Seb completely THREW ME UNDER THE BUS by saying.. "Your Mum already told me. I know her Father. They are a good family (*good family means she's half Italian).. lot's of money.


In Massimo news...
He has temporarily set aside his wrestling career to work on his second love... making movies. (Ok so.. he just began this..)
This is Massimo's First "Stop Motion" film entitled... "Newspaper" or "Newspaper Stealer" I'm not sure which. ( It stars his Lego Starwars characters)...

I smell an Oscar for "Best Short Film" somewhere in his future!!


Kim said...

holy cow Mass!!! That is fantastic!!! I do think you have a future film maker on your hands! Poor Tony- how embarrassing to have your parents all up in your face about prom :) I hope he has a fun time.

Angela said...

I agree with Kim..WOW..that was amazing Mass..I really am impressed..Laura..he is just too freaking amazing...awwwwwwww Tony..what a cutie pie!~

Gorilla Bananas said...

I hereby dub thee Cecil B. DeMassimo! I really don't know how did those special effects.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...


Next project: Canon G15 stealer.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

(*good family means she's half Italian)

That's awesome. Dad was from a good family... not sure about myself, though.

Mass is awesome.

squirrel_e_girl said...

Dear Laura,

I believe I owe you an apology...

When I first read the post title I thought it said "Graduation, Porn and a Budding Film Maker" and then I thought "hmmmmm...This should be interesting. Apparently, Laura's trying to cut in on my Internet Underbelly pageview count"

Then, after a second quick glance, I realized that it said "Prom" NOT "Porn"...oops. Sorry for marring your lovely sweet post about your lovely sweet family with my gutter-dwelling mind.

Sooooooo anyway...
Awesome news about Tony's big date and Mass' film is sublime.


Furtheron said...

My son was into making Lego stop motion when younger... well to be honest it continued into his teenage years with a friend, they made some really big production with a Tom Lehrer soundtrack that was over 2 mins long which took them months to complete! Then it was banned by YouTube in Germany as they didn't have rights to the song! He found it the funniest thing to be "banned in Germany"!

Oh and stop teasing Tony the guy is doing good ;-)

Vee said...

Good thing you have a break from graduating children for a few years. Graduation is such a life-changer for everyone. If I get a chance and remember, I'll be back to see the video. Mass intrigues me.

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