Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Massimo Vs The Catholic Church- Round 3

Sunday was Massimo's First Communion. Massimo got up and got dressed in shorts and a long sleeved shirt.
He came into the dining room and saw his suit hanging off of the chair. He was not impressed.

After yelling at him much discussion, we finally wrestled him into it.,

We pulled up to the church. Seb decided to let us out at the very front step. People were coming out from the 9:30 mass so the area was very crowded.
The doors to our van flew open and the people were treated to this.. blaring from the inside of the vehicle.

For some reason, Seb couldn't figure out himself that it needed to be turned down. I had to tell him to "cut the music"!!!! Everybody was staring at us..,. gawd!!!!! Reverence is not our bag baby!

We went into the church and found our seat. Luckily the families had assigned seating.  Shortly after we sat down, a man came over and asked Seb if our family would take the gifts up to the priest. (this happens right after they do the collection. It contains some of the items the priest uses for communion)., Seb said "Yes"!! I was like...."WHAAAAAAAA?????"  There was about 500 people in that church and all eyes on me was not a pleasant thought. I then calmed myself down by admitting it would be a nice family memory. It was nice that we were able to do that for this special day.,

I noticed Mass becoming distressed at one point. Then he began a full out bawl! He cried through the whole thing. He was inconsolable. He did NOT want to do it. (Massimo rarely ever cries)
As soon as the priest started blessing the sacrament, Mass had to go pee.This was not a good time. (worst time actually) but I let him go. He came back and said that he felt better. When it was time to go receive communion I walked behind him. He did it!!!  I was SO HAPPY!!!

We got back to our seat and a smiling Massimo said "That wasn't so bad!" then promptly put a wet piece of  unchewed bread into the palm of my hand.

Gabriella quickly nabbed it and popped it into her mouth so I guess she saved the day.

We took some pictures of the little skunk at the front(ish) of the church after all was said and done(ish)

Mass and Sex-eh Nonna ( I think it's hilarious that he just turned 8 and he's almost as tall as her *with heels*)

5 minutes after we got back home.... (with brother Joe who was too hung over to attend mass)

Massimo's Cake!

Massimo doesn't like cake so of course...
He couldn't care less.

Anyhow.. I'm glad that's all over with.   He has got to be THE MOST stubborn little bugger I know!


Kim said...

the best part is the rap blaring out of the car as you are getting out :) I'm so glad it is done with for Massimo's sake- poor little guy :) Do you think he'll go back up ever again??? Also- how can he not like cake????!!!!

Laura said...

Mass~ Remember it's Mass.. he hates everything so cake shouldn't be shocking!
He goes to Catholic school so he will have to do communion again, regularly.
And it will be harder to hide the fact that you're not actually taking it at school. We'll see I guess!

Kim said...

Maybe he's going to hide every single one in his pocket for Gabby! Mass makes me smile- I'm always telling Randy what he has done lately :)

Laura said...

Kim~ Sorry I called you Mass before! Yikes!
LOL! I wouldn't be shocked if he did hide it everytime. He is SO stubborn.I'm glad he gives you a smile. He sure keeps us entertained. ;)

Kim said...

LOL- I didn't even read it that way! I was reading it more like "he likes to be called Mass". That gave me my giggle for the day!!! Randy's favorite is the comment about his balls and the car booster seat- he still laughs about that one now and then :)

Laura said...

Kim~ Car seat balls was an instant classic! ;)

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Congrats, you made it through!

squirrel_e_girl said...

Team Mass for the WIN!!!

If it makes your lil' dude feel any better, I cried through my entire confirmation (Anglican) and the family gathering afterwards...and I wasn't 8...I was in Grade 8. I was so opposed to the whole thing.

I had stopped believing in religion a year or so beforehand and was only going through with it because it meant a lot to my Mom...and she promised that I didn't have to go to church anymore once I was confirmed. YES!! During the service, I felt like a such a hypocrite and started in on some good ol tween angst and self-loathing that reached an even lower low back at home when the congratulatory speeches started up (my Mom is Latvian and Latvians are really big on speeches so all the Latvians felt the need to speak and welcome me into God's flock...*sigh*) I felt like a huge phoney and felt so horrible that they were all so genuinely thrilled for me and some of them had come all the way from Montreal and I got a bunch of pretty heavy duty presents so I got to add feelings of crushing guilt to my seething sense of hypocrisy ...I was a mess. And the worst thing was that they all mistook my tears of shame and embarrassment for tears of being moved by the glory of God.


I was a real piece of work that day.

I was ok with the was the wine that totally grossed me out and I only pretended to drink it.


So I can TOTALLY relate and empathize with young Mass.

Congratulations to the both of you for making it through that ordeal.

I am FOR SURE staying tuned for a few years when I'll be able to read about how you deal Mass' refusal to go to the Catholic high school :D

And I'll have Mass' piece of cake if he doesn't want it!! :D

Rob-bear said...

Oh, for heaven's sake! Massimo is no stubborn; he is principled! He will not give up his principles (though they may not be identical with those of the Church Catholic).

C'es la vie! And there's not much you can do with that.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting

blue girl said...

Congrats to Mass and the whole family!

Like those above, Car Seat Balls is indeed a classic! My husband and I were cracking up about it when I read the line to him. lol

Mass himself is a classic!

... And Sex-eh Nonna is awesome in her heels!

Angela said...

I don't know if anyone would have had a problem..all it kept saying was..'I need some gasolina' I guess everyone must have thought you were going to get some gas..LOL LOL..LOL..oh my goodness I'm just too silly..I'm picturing us doing the same at the Church I was going to also (noticed was..thank God as a Catholic there are tons of them around). That is special going up as a family...that was God's favor all over your family and saying'...your are a blessed family of Mine and I love you and I'm letting everyone know it!~'...I can still picture all of you getting out of the car with that song..that is just far toooooooooooooo

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Also- how can he not like cake????!!!!

Massimo is no mangiacakes!

I don't know if anyone would have had a problem..all it kept saying was..'I need some gasolina' I guess everyone must have thought you were going to get some gas..LOL LOL..LOL..

Seb should have told the crowd, "It's just my electronic fuel gauge telling me I need to fill up... honest!"

Furtheron said...

Leaning towards the atheist side of agnostic I'm glad we never went through all this with ours.

My Mother-in-Law still I think detests us for not have the kids baptised but we figured it a choice they can make when older if they want to. They don't seem likely to any time soon that has to be said!