Monday, February 4, 2013

Gypsy's Make Me Feel So Ashamed!

Has anyone (but me) been watching this show on TLC?

Two things about this show...

#1~ The fact that these chicks live in trailers and that those trailers are absolutely SPOTLESS... makes me feel shame. I have been sick with a cold for what feels like.. forever and my house has fallen apart in the meantime.

These women live in small spaces, have families and yet.. their "homes" are amazingly clean and tidy.

I feel so sadly lacking right now.

#2~ I LOVE the ridiculous gypsy wedding dresses!!!!! I mean really.. come on!

This is MY DREAM!!!!
If I could do it all over again.. this would be me. I wonder if my wedding party would have worn those dresses though?

I know, I know.. I need help.

Other than me being sick and watching a butt load of tv lately, there really hasn't been much new going on in our lives.
Looks like I'm back to blogging !!! Missed you all. ♥


Leann said...

Missed you too!

Never even heard of the show - what am I missing?!

Hope that you are feeling back to your 100% Laura soon!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Welcome Back!

Kim said...

I've watched a little part of that show when hubby wasn't around. It does seem like they teach the girls from a very young age to clean, clean, clean. However......have you seen some of the get ups the guests wear to the weddings? The one I was watching they had these tiny little dresses on and then they all got in a big fight and you can guess how much those little dresses kept covered while they were fighting! If I was a bridesmaid in your gypsy wedding I would soooo wear that dress for you- but I'm not getting in a fight with anyone in a micro dress for you :) (besides the fact that I would lose- those are some tough gals!)

Vee said...

Welcome back! Everyone who has gotten this bug seems to be under it for way too long. Glad that you're feeling better. Now do these gals live in those Vardos of old? I want to live in one of those!

Gorilla Bananas said...

Welcome back, Laura! Those dresses are
the bomb! You could hide two monkeys and a dwarf under each skirt. They might need a torch though.

Laura said...

Leann~ I stopped by your blog a couple of times and was going to leave a message but a child kept interrupting me and I got distracted. Glad to be back. I'm almost back to normal. I feel like I'm 100 years old though.
No, you're not missing anything but not watching this show. LOL

thunder~ Thank you Sweetie! Same as Leann, I dropped by but didn't get the chance to comment. I'll be by today. :)

Kim~ Can you imagine you and I scrapping in those micro mini trashy dresses those chicks wear? Oh my lord! The world is not ready for that. LOL!
And yeah.. we'd have our asses handed to us.

Vee~ You do NOT want to live anywhere near these gypsy's LOL! Trust me. :D
Yeah, this flu/cold is terrible. Just when I thought that I was going to die, I started getting better. ;)

G.B.~ Haha! Yeah, I guess I could hide a lot under all that! They are pretty though, aren't they??? :)

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

You saved Christmas!

On a serious note, it's great to see that you've restored your blog. I was mad at myself for not copying down the recipe for Laura's Best Ever Fudge of Doom.

I won't make that mistake again!

Another Kiwi said...

Welcome back you! Semi-seriously you could re-do the marriage ceremony and do it that way.But, of course, there would be live streaming vidjo, of course.
Also, it is a bad bad flu' thing you folks got going on. Keep it to yourselves, ok?

Laura said...

Big B~ Glad you're still here cheering me on! :)

A.K.~ Oh yeah.. this flu is terrible. Glad to hear that it hasn't made it's way down there yet.
Not sure I could pull off one of those dresses at my age. :(

Angela said...

Of course I've watched it..LOL..and like they may live in a trailer but many of them are loaded with with what the heck...I've watched it when it first came out...too funny eh..even watched the one's when they have their first communion..and those wee ones are all dolled up with make up on and high heels..LOL LOL..laughing my buns of steel off at the memory of that

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Of course I've watched it..LOL..and like they may live in a trailer but many of them are loaded with with what the heck...

No mortgage... no property taxes... I think I have to do a "rethink" about my life.

The Dusty Victorian said...

Hi Laura,
I understand, you've un-blogged and re-blogged. Not another nasty/jealous stalker, I hope. I have been less active on the blog front as well. Now that we are more committed to the B&B, we have been more pro-active in working on the inside of the house and preparing for our next season. Glad your back. If I don't leave a comment on every post, I do end up catching up at one point.