Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Not On My Watch!

In the past, I was never a big fan of Oprah.
I'm not sure what changed but, in the last couple of years of her daily talk show, I started watching and liking her. A lot.

When she got her OWN network started, I watched a few shows here and there but wasn't very interested in many of the programs. As time went on and she learned that it was HER we wanted to see, she put more and more shows on that she was hosting. (Smart move Oprah! We want you!!!).

Anyhow.. she has a program on called , "Iyanla, Fix my Life". Now, I don't watch this show very often. Iyanla Vanzant is not my cup of tea. I'm not for "in your face' kind of confrontation. If possible, I avoid confrontation. So this putting it all out there kind of dealing with crap.. is difficult for me to watch.

Anyhow... I have OWN on every once in awhile and of course, they advertise "Iyanla Fix my Life". Mass (who cannot handle any Oprah shows.. well.. he IS going to be a man someday-right?) likes to make fun of the commercials. In particular, the Iyanla one is his all time favourite.

At one point she shouts out...


(you can see it at the 10 second point of this crappy video I found)...

Ok... well.. you know who, is now yelling out (at fairly appropriate times I should add), "NOT ON MY WATCH! NOT ON MY WATCH!"

What can I say? The kid is flippin hilarious. I swear, I don't know what or who we laughed about before Massimo was born.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Hah, well done, Mass! Now you should show him the film 'Harlem Nights', so he can say: Kiss my entire ass!

Another Kiwi said...

That programme looks just weird. It's cool that he can see it as funny, he's smart enough to see it as theatre. That's very smart for a young man.

Eileen said...

That's hilarious. lol It sounds like you should put him on TV. I bet he would be more entertaining than half the things on there.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I'll watch it on your watch tomorrow, I promises.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Hey, every superhero needs a battle cry and "Not on my watch!" is a mighty fine one.

blue girl said...

"It sounds like you should put him on TV."

I agree! Mass needs his own show! :)

blue girl said...

OT: I read awhile back that Iyanla and Oprah had a huge falling out. I wonder if Iyanla yelled: NOT ON MY WATCH! at Oprah?! For some reason, I highly doubt it. :)

Laura said...

G.B.~ I'd better not show him that.. he'll say it! ;)

A.K.~ Mass sees almost everything as "funny". He's nuts! ;)

Eileen~ "Keeping up With The Chiaramida's"... it sounds great-no? :)

Thunder~ Promises, promises.. ;)

Big B~ LOL~ I guess it could be worse.. right? ;)

Blue girl~ We need to get TLC over here stat to start filming. If Honey Boo Boo can get a show.. so should Mass!
Would anyone have the never to say "Not on my watch!" to Oprah? (besides Mass that is)... ;)

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